Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No one's reading

I guess I am typing all this stuff for myself. I am not sure that anyone is actually reading my blog. That's ok though, I'm not that exciting. Just wanted to try it out anyway.

I worked Days today. It was a long day. And the weather is so weird. My two favourite kinds of weather... ok well three favourite kinds on weather are 1) Thunder Storm 2) Hot and Humid and 3) Blizzard (but only if I am not going anywhere). It is raining again and the clouds look as if there could be some thunder and lightning coming soon, very nice, but I like to break it up a little... You know? How about a week of Hot and Humid, then a thunderstorm on a Sunday evening or something. Not all within the same two hours each and every day of the week.

Well.. Angela should be home from work soon, and I feel like spaghetti. So I am going to whip up some meatballs and get that all ready for dinner. Mmmmm.... If you're reading, I'd love to hear from you... leave me a comment.

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Elisabete said...

I don't like this weather. I would like it to be a few days hot than a bit of rain.

Hey What's this no invited?!!!