Friday, June 13, 2008

I guess I'll give it a try

Well here I am, I read a whole lot of blogs, but never have I considered making one of my own. I am not sure how long this will last.. or how frequently I will post. I guess when I have something to say.

I'm Karen.

Tonight, there is a thunder storm. I love love love Thunder storms, have all my life. I know I should probably turn the computer off but I have a surge protector. Funny how when you feel pressured to write something nothing comes. I think the rain may be coming in the window but at this point in the long day that I have had, I don't much care. We rent. 1 small apartment.

I live here with my 2 dogs, Cookie (pug x beagle) and Bennie (Heinz 57 x shi-tzu x poodle...), my 1 cat, Murray and of course, my loving partner, Angela (100% portuguese lol)

Ang is out tonight at a "Pride Prom". Her best friend is the director of the Pride organization in our area. I opted out for tonight. I am just not in the mood for it. I took the day off from work today in order to babysit my 16 month old nephew, Bubs. I absolutely LOVE him. I only had the one today, Toad (8years) was at school. Poor guy had to watch all his friends participate in "Play Day", and he only got to watch. He took a baseball to the face the other night at his practice and has been ordered to put a hold on his rambunctious play for a while.

Well, I think I may just go sit on the patio and enjoy this mother of a storm while it lasts.

Here are some pics of my dogs. Just to get you all started with something.

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Elizabeth said...

i love how bennie is smiling and cookie looks so big !!