Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Angela, Maizey and I spent thanksgiving weekend at my dad's house up north. We had a really great time.
Of course, I started to get some signs of ovulation while I was there. About a week before I usually ovulate. Ugh! Frustrating. No OPKs and no donor. I did text my donor and put him on stand by as he wasn't expecting us to need him until around the 18-20. Needless to say, I tested as soon as we got home on Monday. My OPK was negative. I was just hoping I didn't miss it. I tested again on Tuesday and got this:

I guess I could count that as a positive, but now I'm back to indecisive. Ange and I were out doing some shopping so I picked up a digital OPK, knowing that it would take the guess work out of it. As soon I we got home, I tested again using a non digital and got a Definite negative. I didn't waste a digital, we went ahead with an insemination about an hour later. I'm hoping the timing is ok and that I didn't miss anything. I'm hoping to squeeze in more frequent tests next month. Like several a day.
Why is it so frustrating?
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