Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Put it on hold.

We've put baby making on hold for a while. I'm still having really bad pain in my back. We've decided to try to figure out what's wrong with my back before moving forward with ttc.
I've been seeing a physiotherapist for a few weeks and doing the exercises that he's recommended. Nothing is working.
Ok- so lets use a pain scale to help me describe what's going on.
0 = no pain
10 = the pain I was In during labour.
So I would say that (excluding sleep time)
10% of my time is a 0 on the scale
20-25 % is 6
50% is 7-7.5
10% is 8-8.5
5% is 9-9.5

The pain is in my lower back, my hips, localized to the right, to the left, sometimes it's in my thighs and my calves. So hard to describe and different all the time.

I can't live this way. I don't know how it works, but I think I need to demand an MRI. I'm so frustrated about this. I just want to feel good.
So, ya. Adding a pregnancy or caring for an infant to this probably wouldn't be too good.

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Stacey Bourgeois said...

I'm so sorry about the pain and the baby making on hold.

Has the doctor ran any tests?? An MRI might be the best way. I don't know how to get one quickly though. :(

Karen said...

Ya ... The most the doctor has done as far as testing goes is a few feeling my back and having me do some bending, as well checked the reflexes in my legs.
As I Lay in pain in bed last night Ange asked me "are you sure you didn't fall or anything?" and it hit me! I did fall off a chair I was standing on onto my hip/backside. I'm definately going to request an MRI.