Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Moving day! Sort of..

We get possession of the house today.
Angela's dad will be moving all of his things in today, we will be moving some of our things today. We have until the 31 to be completely out of our old place. We are hoping to get the bedrooms in today and most other stuff tomorrow. We had a final walk through of the house on Sunday. It was dirty! So I wasn't that excited. The people who were living there had already moved out and a cleaning company was supposed to be going in yesterday to clean up. Let's hope they did a great job. I want to paint all of the doors, trim and baseboards white, they are currently stained dark brown and I just feel like they need to be white!
Also, I want to paint the upstairs bedrooms. It will all happen in due time.
The good news is that Angela's dad will be having the kitchen redone in the spring. Yay!!! I can't wait because the kitchen really needs it!
I guess Angela and I can spend the winter making up some plans for it.
Can't wait to soak in this bad boy!

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