Sunday, August 21, 2011

This and That

We are back from our vacation. It was a really nice time. I think it's the best cottage vacation I have ever been on. It was actually so relaxing. The food was good, the drinks were good, and the company was fantastic.
We just spent most of the week sitting on the deck of the cottage, chatting, and watching the kids play in the yard. My friend`s youngest boy (7yrs) is in LOVE with Maizey and it is the cutest thing. He would do anything for her, including sharing the corners of his ni-night (old baby blanket for snuggling, he likes the corners best) with her even though it meant she got baby drool on them. Guess what... She liked the corners best too.
Maizey liked to be with the big kids

A Water Baby

The Kids Thought it was funny - The Hangover

Bath Time

I think it will probably be the last cottage vacation for a while. Like I have said before, we are hoping to get a trailer before next summer. The only think keeping us from doing that is the fact that we have no vehicle to tow it. We're waiting to see if it will be in our budget to buy an SUV some time this winter. I was actually just talking to my Uncle about it, and he has been doing some research as he is buying a GMC SUV. He says that these days, the gas mileage is just as good as in a medium sized car. I would be the lucky one who would get to drive the new vehicle on a regular basis as I work less than 10 km from home right now.
We are looking forward to being able to go away for a few weeks in the summer to different places.
We definitely want to go back to Sandbanks, and we also want to go back to Algonquin Park. We would love to try Killbear too. My brother and SIL`s family do a trip to Killbear every year for a week. I haven`t in the past been able to coordinate the same week off because Angela`s shitty job wouldn`t let her book vacation too far ahead because it went by seniority. Her better job does the same, but at least we know in November of the year before what weeks she will be approved for, as everyone has to have their requests in by a certain date. So we are hoping to be able to join them next year.
I am thinking as well with a trailer we can do camping earlier and later in the season than with just a tent, as it will have heat that we can use if need be. We could also do cross country trips and camp in other provinces. My grandmother is originally from Nova Scotia, and always talked about it. I would love to see it some time. As well, I could coordinate with my friend Joanna to come with us, because she has several friends in Nova Scotia. Maybe do a trip for a couple weeks out to Alberta to visit my younger half brother. We could stop several places on the way. It would be so nice.

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