Monday, December 27, 2010

This and That...

So, Christmas wasn't traditional this year. Strange. Mom was still in the hospital, but insisted that we still go to our uncle's house for Christmas dinner. After visiting her in the hospital we did end up at my Uncle's. It was nice, but just not the same without my mom there.

My mom has at least been diagnosed. She has Colitis. She has finally admitted that she has been experiencing symptoms for quite some time. I guess she might have had this for years, but never knew because she was a smoker. She quit in September of this year after smoking for 40 something years. I guess they say that the nicotine in the cigarettes suppresses the symptoms of Colitis. Unfortunately quitting causes symptoms to show.

Mom is feeling a lot better, and is responding well to the treatment. We expect that she will be out of the hospital some time this week. She hasn't held her granddaughter in over 3 weeks, and it is just killing her. As soon as she's out of the hospital we will go spend some quality time. I'm looking forward to it. My brother's family and us will have Christmas with mom once she is out of the hospital as well.

Maizey is sleeping better, sometimes, at night. We are having her sleep in our bed with us. This is something I thought that I would never want, but it works and we all get to sleep this way, so we will just have to transition her to her own crib/bed later when she sleeps better at night. She's changed so much over the last month. She's gained almost 2 lbs. Such a sweet little girl. I feel like we are the luckiest people on earth.

I do get paranoid about lots of things. She makes this loud "snoring" like sound when she breathes sometimes. We ended up taking her to the Emergency at the hospital one night last week after paging the midwife and having her listen to it over the phone. It sounded a lot like croup to her. After seeing the ER doc and then the pediatrician on call, we came home that night with a diagnosis of Tracheomalacia, the "snoring" sound is "stridor". We were told that it is not really anything to worry about and that it will likely go away with age. Usually disappearing by 18 months.

I am also paranoid about her eating habits. She is still eating only 2oz every 3 hours or sometimes more than 3 hours. We don't let her go more than 5 hours without eating. Sometimes she eats less than 2oz, and that is what starts me worrying. The midwife has told us since she has gained so much weight, it is fine to let her eat by her own appetite, especially because she is peeing and pooing regularly.

Something we haven't really mentioned too much on this blog, is the fact that we used a known donor to conceive Maizey. We do have a legal agreement with this donor, who is a very good friend of ours. Angela and I and the donor and his husband all agreed to have Steven (the Donor) play an active role in the baby's life, as a dad, on a social level, he has given up any legal rights he has to her, and understands that Angela and I are the legal parents who will make all decisions regarding Maizey. Angela and I allowed him in the delivery room for the birth. He took the pictures for us. :)

Yesterday, for the first time, I let Steven and Michael take Maizey for the day. They had some Christmas visiting to do, and well they wanted to show her off. We all survived. :) I missed her all day, but it was nice to have some time to sleep and clean the house. Angela and I also got to go on a date, and have some alone time. That was really nice too.


Teaberry said...

She is really so cute!

Lucas also snored like that-- it certainly worried us, too. But, he doesn't do it as much now, so it's likely gone, we think.

I love her name!

Teaberry said...

Oh, and I hope that your mom is feeling well soon!!

Loralou said...

It's really nice you have a relationship with your known donor like that. We have something similar with ours, but less involvement and I would never let him take Charlie on his own. He wanted to be at the birth and I said no!
It doesn't seem to be the common thing to do on the blogs, we are in the minority.

Stacey said...

Hope your mom is feeling better soon!

Your baby is so cute. Glad the known donor is good and she will have a nice male role model in her life. :)