Friday, November 26, 2010

Welcome to the world!

Maizey Anne Preciosa is here! (early and quickly)

I went to bed on Tuesday night after experiencing what I thought were either Braxton hicks contractions or just maybe some gas. I woke up to pee at 12:30am on Wednesday and thought it was strange that I was still having these little weird cramps... Am I stupid? Just maybe.. More likely denial. So, when I woke up at 2am to pee again, and I was still having them, I woke Angela ... She decided that she was going to time them. They were average 3 min apart lasting about a min each ... We decided to page the midwife at about 230. She told me to have a bath and if they intensified... Page her again...
OH BOY! Did they intensify? YES they sure did!
The midwife was on her way to our house, and so was my mom!
At 4:30 am, my water broke as the midwife arrived to the house. At that time, I was 5 cm dialated. Contractions closer together with little relief... 5 am .. 7 cm dialated. We left for the hospital. 20 min drive... 5:25 am pants off, onto the birth table and pushing while having blood work... 5:58am- Maizey is here!!!!! "she's not even ugly! She's actually beautiful!" I LOVE HER

She took the right breast for about an hour off and on, until I was whisked away to the o.r. ... Yep the O.R people!!! Little miss may be a tiny 6lbs 6oz, but she came trucking into this world traveling at speeds beyond vaginal threshold! I was put under a general and had my parts put back together. Stiches? Too many to count.. Trauma to the bathroom bits (yes, both front and backside bits), too graphic to describe, and every bit as painful as you can bear to imagine.

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heidi said...

Welcome to the world Maizey!!!!! We've all been waiting for you!

Congrats Mommas!! You made a beautiful little girl <3

Loralou said...

Congratulations, she is lovely! I share your pain and wish you a speedy recovery with it.

Shannon said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful. Sounds like you were lucky you didn't give birth in the car! Wow. Hope everything is going well.

Stacey said...

Wow, what a quick birth! Glad you're all doing well. I tore enough to have stitches with Riley who was 6 lbs 12 oz but Jackson (8 lbs 14.5 oz) made a tear that didn't require stitches. So those little ones can result in damage! lol

Love the name. :)

Maybe we can all meet up some day when we're in town.

Pain is will get better. Cushions for sitting and look into a sitz (spelling?) bath which you can put epson salts in.

Teaberry said...

Oh wow!!! I was out of town!! CONGRATS! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU ALL! Her name is awesome. Wonderful!!