Wednesday, November 10, 2010

getting closer

19 Days to the due date! I had my midwife appointment today. Everything is still right on target. All my measurements have been dead on each week. My strep b test came back negative as well so that is good. Heartbeat is good, head is engaged. A week and a couple days left of work. The time is coming.
We had our shower on the weekend. If you know me on facebook, I have shared the album on my wall. I don't have a copy of the pictures on my computer yet, so I can't put any up on here. We got so many great things, and saw so many people I don't to see often enough. It was a great shower. I was surprisingly tired after it was over, even though it was only 2 hours long and I was weighted on hand and foot the whole time.
I'm getting excited for her birth, and to have her here with us. But I am also getting nervous that I am going to miss her being inside there. :)


Teaberry said...

I missed the "being inside there", too... but having him on the outside is 100X better!

Loralou said...

Oh you WILL miss her being inside, trust me and savour every moment you have left of being pregnant.

Teaberry said...

SO excited to see you have only 15 days!!!