Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Today has been a weird sort of day. I woke up to the sound of Angela paniking. She came flying from the bathroom, back into the bedroom, exclaiming "I can't go to work today, I have to go to the doctor or to the hospital!!" I jumped out of bed and put my glasses on, as she continued "come see this... It's disgusting!, but you have to see it." honestly I was thinking she had worms or had passed blood from her rectum. Nope! She had a small tick nesting on her ear. It was kind of freaky. We went to the doctor and he removed it. Drama over.
I then came to work. Been here for two and a half hours now but I just have no energy to do anything. I feel like I haven't eaten or slept in 4 days. I have done both of course. Sleeping isn't going so well but I do get some.
During dinner tonight we looked out the window to find this: (it's a rainbow if you can't see it)

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