Monday, March 1, 2010

Going to see my Doc tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my usual medication prescription renewal appointment. I am hoping to have time to talk to my do. About my TTC concerns. I admit that reading the Internet is just terrible for my stress levels, and my doctor is probably going to yell at me for my Internet education. lol. I have a few worries this time around. I wonder about the quality of my follies and the eggs and the progesterone. I have read that higher prolactin can cause poor follie development because of some fsh interaction thus causing poor egg quality as well as faulty corpus leutum making progesterone production poor. This could explain the spotting for days before my actual period starts. Who knows. The last time I saw the doc he said that I wouldn't even be considered infertile after a year of trying because I have been pregnant before. I worry that something has changed. I guess all I can do is ask my doc. Hopefully he has some insight.

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