Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year! (a little bit late)

Happy New Year!

I had a pretty good Christmas and a pretty good New Year's eve. We visited friends in London. We drank some Absinthe. Anyone ever drink Absinthe?. . 70% alcohol. Lets just say we had a fun night. I have this enormous bruise on my arm. I haven't really any idea where it came from. That is the sign of a fun night.
However, that was my last night like that for a very long time. I will not party like that again until after I have my baby... that could be a long time from now. Lets hope that 2010 brings more luck, and fulfills dreams.

I am back to work this afternoon. I just had 4 days off. It was nice. I have tomorrow off again too.. Should be great.


Heidi said...

The Absinthe didn't work as well for us!! But of course fun was had anyway!! I hope that you are able to party soon....that you get your bfp and a sticky baby and all will be well!!

Lily said...

i just saw a special on tv about the absinthe, i want some, lol

glad you had a great time, now to hoping this year will bring you exactly 10 times more than what you asked for, wait, i didnt mean 10 babies in 1 year, lol, i meant everything else exept bills, lol