Saturday, December 5, 2009


I have been feeling a little bit "Eeyore" these days. I'm not too sure what's wrong. It could be the lack of Christmas feeling I have as we approach Christmas. I am working on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but that's ok with me. I don't really mind doing it. Most of my co-workers (usually only one staff works at a time) have small children, and like to be home with them for all that Santa stuff. It's a trade off. I have worked Christmas pretty much for as long as I've worked at this agency. It will be my 8th Christmas in a row this year. I figure that should give me some great time off on Christmas when I have my own kids, when it really matters. I figure I can make the switch up for New Year's Eve and New Year's day when I have kids. I just feel like that will be the "holiday" that doesn't matter so much anymore. In my line of work, we HAVE to work at least one of the "stat" holidays. It's good pay so I really shouldn't complain. I figure if I wasn't working Christmas day, I'd probably sleep in anyway. So really, I am not missing anything by working. We have our "family Christmas dinner" on Christmas night, so I am all done working by that time. I don't really even know if I will be needed at the house this year, most of the people I work for (support) will be going to be with their families.
I've been really into planning a summer vacation lately. I've been on the Internet for days searching out the Perfect Cottage to rent. I think I have finally found it. If we do decide on going to it, I will post a link so you can check it out, but not until after I secure a deposit for the preferred week we want. I do realize that this could be the very last Childless summer vacation for me. :) but that makes me happy. I mean, hopefully by then I could be very pregnant, and waddling around. Oh a dream.
Speaking of getting pregnant, my KD got an I*phone. There is an app for menstrual cycles on it, so last night we inputted all my cycle information. Now, he will know exactly what is expected of him and when. He was pretty excited when today showed up as "dark green". At first he didn't know what that meant so I explained. I told him that all of the "green" days on the calendar were good days to inseminate, "dark green" being the best. (I feel like I am over using the " " " today). We just started yesterday. But I think from now on, we'll probably go ahead any "green day".
I have a Christmas party to go to tonight, it is a fancy one. Right now, due to feeling Eeyore, I don't really feel like going. Just the though of getting all dressed up and being around people, just isn't doing it for me right now. Last year, I wore a dress to this event, but this year, I am trying to figure out what the most comfortable but dressy enough option I have. What I really want to wear is my dress pants and a sweater, but I fear the sweater will be way too warm. I have a feeling I will just be wearing my same old dress blouse. Oh well. The worst part of it all is the bra. I hate the dress up bra. Sure, the girls look great in it, but by the end of the night, I just can't wait to pour them out of the thing.
This weekend is a busy one.
Cross your fingers for me and send me baby dust and all that. :)


小林 said...
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Stacey said...

sorry you've been having a rough time. {{{hugs}}}

Teaberry said...

Best of luck---! Maybe this is an early Christmas present!