Thursday, November 5, 2009

Any One?

Ok.. I peed on the stick today. The line is getting darker. Quite a bit. Still not a positive OPK yet. Every month (ok, pretty close to every month but not quite) I get this weird Gas Like pain in my abdomen. It is usually stronger on one side than the other. I have been assuming that this is ovulation pain. It tends to hurt more when I have a bowel movement, or when I need to pass gas. Is this what other people feel too? The month that I did get pregnant, I had this pain, but I also felt this slight twinge feeling as well. It was like I actually felt the egg go. Should I assume that this pain is from ovulation? Do you think it could be from bursting cysts? Why would it occur pretty much on day 18 - 19 of my cycle, 12 -14 days before I get my period, as well as when my OPKs get darker? See.. this is enough to make you crazy.
Furthermore, If I had an ultrasound after the miscarriage, they would have reported if anything was "wrong" in there ... cysts, endo, etc.??? no? or would that be something I would have to ask about?


Stacey said...

I've never felt ovulation pains but others who thought they did would second guess their doctors when they weren't surging but feeling the pain. And then it turned out the tests were right, not the body's "signals"... Try to follow the sticks, I think. You can't ovulate without the surge. That being said, the urine tests will pick up the surge later than a blood test so it's possible you're surging now.

Loralou said...

I felt ovulation twinges, I think it is different for everyone and if you notice a pattern I think it very likely that you are feeling ovulation.