Sunday, September 13, 2009

not the best luck these days

so.. just as Bennie's eye was looking normal again, he goes out for potties yesterday, and gets sprayed on the face by a skunk. Yep, the very first time it has happened. Now, Cookie, Bennie and the House smell terrible. We gave the dogs baths last night, and Cookie isn't as bad as Bennie, but Bennie still has a small odor. I have to admit to trying the "tomato juice" bath. I don't think it really did much. I have read on several Internet sites that Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda with a little dish detergent is the way to go. I'll try it on Bennie when I get home from work later. So, I smell like skunk. Must be from picking the dog up right away. It's not horrible horrible, but I would just rather not have any odor.
The thing I am worried about is getting the smell out of the house... any tips for that would be appreciated.
Today is 8 or 9 DPO. And again, I haven't really had any symptoms. There are a few things that make me wonder, but then, I think those things are just completely normal and I just never really payed too much attention.
I am holding a small hope because I have read that a lot of women don't have symptoms until after 6 weeks, and that each pregnancy is different (I had really sore nipples last time right away). I just don't know.
I think I have relaxed a bit on the stressing. It'll happen.


Teaberry said...

Oh my gosh, a skunk!? Were you right there? I would've freaked out, I think. I have never seen one in real life before.

As for the TTC situation, best wishes. Have you POAS yet?

Karen said...

no, no poas until at least Friday... I may wait until saturday though... (probably not) I may however get my AF before that, I sort of feel it coming.
The skunk was right in our back yard. We have them around all the time. I usually check for them before putting the dogs out, but this one was hiding in the corner. Ya I was right there too...