Monday, July 6, 2009


it seems to be that time again... Insem time. I have been having insemination anxiety for a while now.. but it seems to have gotten worse now that the time has come.
I am so anxious about the timing. I have it set in my mind that the last time it worked because the timing was so awesome, and it just happens that the timing was forced due to things we couldn't control. This time, I am worried that we'll miss the window.
We inseminated last night.. and will again tonight. Yesterday, I had pink lines on my ovulation detector strip, but they weren't as dark as the control line.. today.. it was darker. I am thinking we should do one Tuesday as well.. Angela will be away all day Tuesday, so it will be complicated. I feel like Tuesday evening would be too late. At least we'll get tonight in after work at 11.


Stacey said...

Remember sperm lives up to 72 hours! And your egg is something like 12 hours once released, I believe. I'm sure your timing will be fine.

Teaberry said...

Best of luck!!!!