Friday, May 15, 2009

Today, We're going

We're both working today. I am a 7-3, and Angela is an 8-5. We are leaving for London tonight as soon as Ange gets home from work tonight. I will pack and all that stuff when I get home from work.
I am really looking forward to this weekend. It'll be nice to just get away.
Every now and then, I think about things, and I just get all upset. I feel guilty for getting upset. I shouldn't.
Things in my nether regions seem to have calmed down. Minimal cramping. I took it upon myself to start taking my Metformin again. I need to have a conversation with my Dr. I have read on different boards, that women who have stopped taking Metformin during the first Tri, have lost babies. My Dr. told me to stop taking it, and I specifically asked if that would make it any more likely for me to have a miscarriage, and he told me No, and dismissed the question. I have heard that it is usually recommended that women take it for at least the first tri, if not longer. And that women who have taken it the entire pregnancy, have had no negative effects on the baby.
Anyone else on Metformin to help with TTC? what has your RE or Dr told you about staying on it for the pregnancy?
I'll post some pictures next week from our weekend.


Teaberry said...

You can feel sad if you want to.

I just started Metformin and had my 3rd IUI today... My doc did not say to stop taking it.

Stacey said...

Our doctor doesn't believe you should stay on it but said many do.

J and DZ said...

I'm on 1500 mg metformin. My doctor asked me to continue it through 10 weeks (I am currently 7 weeks, 4 days).