Friday, May 22, 2009

Away Again!

The truth in the matter is that once nice weather arrives, nobody wants to stay put. This weekend we are off to Port Loring to visit with our good friends. MT and S. The donor. We get a nice long weekend in their family cottage. I hope this weather holds out for us.
We are planning on leaving around 5pm when Angela gets home from work. I again am in charge of the packing etc. I don't mind. I am currently doing one last load of Laundry. I should probably clean the house too so that we can come home to a nice clean place but i have Tuesday off too, so I will just do it then.
We should arrive at the cottage around 11 or so. We do have to make one pit stop at Angela's parents house to drop off the doggies. They aren't big fans of the long car rides... so we don't put them through that unless its for more than a week vacation.
Yesterday, I got a letter of sympathy for Angela and I from the midwives in the mail. IT also included a booklet from the Sunny*brook health sciences centre. "Silent Grief". It was very helpful.

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Teaberry said...

Two trips sounds great!